Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009!

In 40 minutes that is. I'm trying really hard to make it up until midnight tonight. So if you have some weird comments on your blogs... sorry, I'm up way past my bedtime ;)

I'm really looking forward to a new year. I'm not one for resolutions though, so... I'm just going to try to do better at everything for as long as I can ;)

I'm just glad to say goodbye to 2008. It wasn't quite the best year around here. All told, we had a really rough year. I won't bore you with all the gory details... but we did have some good things happen. And for those things I am very grateful. And feel so very fortunate. One of the good things that will be coming out of this year is a new baby at the end of June. We are really looking forward to this new addition :)

And this year, we won't be making any rash decisions about moving ;) that was our biggest mistake of 2008, which we will not be repeating anytime soon! We were just so fortunate that we were able to move back to our home and find employment in a reasonable amount of time.

I'm just really hoping that this whole digital conversion thing helps out with our television reception. We are probably one of the few people who do not have cable or satellite. We have a good old fashioned antenna on our roof and an ancient tuner on top of the tv. Right now we are really trying to watch the New Year's Eve special, but its not working out so well... between the intermittent snow and blue screen... unfortunately the NBC channel we get best decided to show some lame drama instead of the New Year's Special... last year they opted for their local sports show. Grrr. Sorry Carson. Wish we could watch. We used to watch the Dick Clark show when we were kids. I think they still have it on, but we very rarely are able to get in ABC or CBS. Well, that's something to be hopeful about in the new year, if we can find a converter box that is... (my last complaint of 2008!)

I'm going to try for being more positive in 2009!

Happy New Year!!


ceemee said...

May your new year be filled with wonderful memories of your loved ones and your new addition to the family! Happy 2009!

anymommy said...

I'm impressed. I fell asleep way before midnight last night. Here's to a great new year and late June 2009 babies. Happy new year.

Nut Nut said...

Happy New Year and happy new baby! We got hooked watching some top metal bands or songs or something on TV, which helped us stay up later than we normally would but we still missed midnight!

Lapa37 said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Kaci said...

Happy New Year!!

Missy said...

Happy new year! Hope it is a better year for you and your family!

Lapa37 said...

Did I miss reading about the new baby the first time I read this..I sure must have congrats on that.

I have some awards for you.

Suzie said...

NO CABLE?!? Dear lord!!!

Anonymous said...

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