Friday, May 29, 2009

Got it all Together

Well, spent last weekend and this week getting everything ready for my mom's visit and for the arrival of new baby :) About the only thing I haven't finished yet is crocheting new baby's blanket. I've just been too busy and have had little idle time to sit and crochet. I'll get it done eventually and he will have his own handmade blankie, but it may not get done before he's born. I generally don't make too many blankets - they are one of the most time consuming crochet projects. Unlike booties and hats for babys, which take a mere hour or two... and I have crocheted 4 hat and bootie sets ;) 2 are for new baby and the other sets are for my sister-in-law and neice who are both also expecting boys. Funny that until now our families have been overwhlemed with girls - looks like things are starting to even out!

Anyway, I will probably be taking a bloggy break for a while. For many reasons... but I will try to post when new baby arrives for those few of you who are still following me ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Home Stretch

A little less than 5 weeks to go. It still seems to have gone by so fast. But I've hit that part of pregnancy where I am just ready. That part where you just feel uncomfortable regardless of where you're sitting or what position you're sitting/sleeping in. That part where your back sends those tingly feelings down your legs and you just can't sit in one spot for longer than about 2 minutes...

Kind of funny how things go. With my first pregnancy, I was so convinced I was going to go early that I made my husband get everything put together (crib, playpen, bassinette etc...) and set up about 2 months ahead of time. I had everything washed, put away and waiting. And I had my bag packed and ready to dash to the hospital. I had nothing to do but sit and wait. Which proved to produce more anxiety! :) I ended up being induced on my due date.

The second time around was very similar. Except I waited until I had about a month and a half to go. Then I just had everything set up and had all the clothes ready. I didn't bother packing my bag until about a month to go. At which point I figured that I would go early... but nope - ended up going 3 days late!

This time? I realized that I had just about nothing done and 5 weeks to go! So I finally started getting things ready. I washed all the receiving blankets and new clothes I bought. I still have to go through all of D's baby clothes and get them washed and ready. Of course I'm starting to convince myself that I'm going to go early... one sure way to make that happen is to hold off on getting everything ready ;) But in all reality, I sure don't want to get caught having nothing done!! So I will be getting the rest of what I need to get done really soon here! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Fantabulous Things Said Around the House

I am just really loving the developmental stage D is in with his language and thinking! ;) Of course at times it can range from annoying to inappropriate, but for the most part it's pretty fascinating to see how he is thinking about things.

With the warmer weather we have been driving around with the windows down. He likes it for a little while, but as most of our driving is highway driving - he doesn't quite like it when his hair is blowing around...

"Mom, roll my window! My hair is messing up!"

And sometimes the cute little guy is thinking about me.

"Mom roll up your window! Your hair is messing up!"

Yesterday at breakfast he informs me that he is NOT picking his nose..."My finger is hiding!"

This morning: "Mom the sun is on!"

Or the other day "Mom, the sun just beat my window."

Each day brings some new little insight into the way he thinks. I just think it is so fascinating to witness! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Hugs for the Doggie

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little beasts and monsters...

Let's just say I have been unbelievably busy lately. It's sometimes completely amazing how many things get thrown at us at a time. Of course, I am realistic enough to know that things could get a lot worse, and that there are probably lots of people that have things going on that are much worse than around here...

Anyway, we have all been sick for about 2 weeks now. The two little ones were finally getting over it this past weekend and then D ended up getting an ear infection! Ear infections are ugly little beasts.

Last week I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Which is also quite an ugly beast. I really had no clue how much was involved with diabetes. I thought it was just all about sugar consumption. I was so wrong! It's a huge complicated monster!! It has to do mainly with carbs. I have to measure everything out, or weigh it out and count the carbs... and follow guidelines about how many veggie (non-starchy and starchy)/fruit/meat/grain servings... Ugh. It can be horribly confusing and complicated.

And the testing... you have to test in the morning before you eat anything, then 2 hours after each meal... you can have snacks in between and at bedtime, but not until after you wait 2 hours after Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner to test... And seriously, I have been absolutely STARVING!! The first hour after eating is not bad, but after that... it is really hard to wait out those 2 hours to test my blood sugar before getting to eat that snack. It would probably be a little easier to handle if I wasn't pregnant and starving all the time!

The most unbelievable thing I have found so far is that one *small* order of french fries constitutes one *entire* meal of carbs!!

I can't imagine how hard it must be for people who have to do this every day for the rest of their lives. Let alone parents who are trying to control diabetes in their children. It's almost an overwhelming task to do it for myself... It requires a lot of willpower and a lot of diligence. I have a newfound respect and empathy for those who have to deal with this ugly monster!

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