Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Toot

Nice to be able to sit down for a few minutes and toot someone's horn here :) Most of my toots have been celebrating my small accomplishments, but today I want to acknowledge the two people in my family who have made this horrid journey bearable (and who really deserve a toot!). My husband and my 10 (soon to be 11) year old daughter M.

My husband ended up doing most of the packing and most of the keeping it together before we left Wisconsin. He probably packed 20 boxes to my 2. He picked up my slack :) And he also did quite a bit of cleaning at the 1st house before we decided it wasn't worth the days of effort it would have taken to clean it (especially after we found the black mold in the basement and living room closet!).

And M was great. We ended up with an extra kid, a year older than D, during the loading and unloading. M did a wonderful job keeping the two youngsters occupied. It was a lot to ask of her, and she stepped up and did a great job. She was also great when it came to help keeping an eye on D and baby B while we attempted to clean the first house we were going to rent. And when we found another house to rent she showed her physical strength and moved just as much as everyone else. Everyone commented on how strong she was :) and what a great kid she was :) and she is! She retained a cheery disposition through everything.

And of course my husband - who ended up with the respiratory flu on the day of the move from one house to another - worked his butt off from early in the am until late in the pm getting everything moved over to the new rental house. I don't know where he found the strength.

I owe so much to those two! I am so grateful. I feel so blessed to have them in my life :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Settled...finally!

Ah. big sigh. We finally got quite a bit of stuff put away this weekend. It feels so good to get somewhere close to back to normal.
This move has just been one obstacle after another. The latest being that we can't seem to get our wireless router to work with the new DSL service... Of course that's after the obstacle of having to have the telephone company come out and repair wires to even get our phone service going.
Anyway... things are finally starting to settle down around here. I just hope D starts adjusting soon. He is really wearing everyone out. He is just so out of sorts. I'm sure that he's been stressed out from the move - first it was the couple of weeks spent packing, then the move itself... then the 5 or so days of staying in a motel, then moving stuff from one new house to another. He's so off schedule. He's in unfamiliar surroundings. Everything has changed for him. And everyone around him has been stressed and busy for the past month or so. He has digressed a little. He's back to putting everything in his mouth. And now he is starting to have more jealousy over baby B. This morning when I was feeding her rice cereal D came over and opened his mouth. So I gave him a bite - and he spit it right out! A little bland for him I suppose ;)
Amazingly, baby B has remained pretty content through everything. Even with teething! One of her bottom teeth broke through while we were staying in the motel. Last night dad was holding them both and B reached over and plucked the nuk right out of his mouth and laughed. D thought it was really funny too, so he puckered it out of his mouth for her to do it again. It was too cute ;)
And 10-year-old daughter M has been quite the helper! And she seems to be adjusting to the new school great. She's very outgoing and makes friends easily. The people at the school were extremely friendly and nice! I'm really impressed with the new school so far! They are much more involved and excited about everything than her school in Wisconsin was. I'm really excited about getting involved in the school here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Haven't had a new post in almost 2 weeks now! We just had the most horrendous moving experience ever! We drove a U-Haul 8 hours to find a house that was so not ready for occupancy. It was extremely filthy. Not to mention black mold in the basement. We had been staying in a local motel for about 5 days, and finally checked out yesterday to move into a new rental house that is at least very clean and the landlords are quite sane.
I will probably not post anything for another week, as we are still trying to move our stuff from one house to another... it's been quite the experience. I feel so horrible for my children. They seem to be taking it all in stride. Thank God for my 10 year old daughter, who has been so much help for the past week.
Baby B's two bottom teeth are breaking through! (I know, what a time). And I swear she said ma-ma today!! :)
Anyway, look for more of our adventures in a week or so!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finally got busy packing!!

We've been really busy packing! We may actually be ready for this move :) There's a huge stack of boxes in the middle of the kitchen that's almost as tall as I am :) We've gotten most of the important stuff packed. That is why I haven't posted anything in the past couple of days, and probably won't be posting much for the next week... Wednesday is the big loading day. Thursday we will be making the drive... and Friday unloading... Those are the days I'm least looking forward to :)
Anyway, it'll be fun catching up in a week or so.

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