Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I finally got one photo uploaded! It was a fluke ;) Well, several times now I've had success only with the first photo upload - and those times I have just chosen a random photo to see if its working... so this time I got smart ;) and tried to upload a picture that I wanted to use first! And it worked!! :) Of course I was aiming for a series of 3 photos, but one will work out just fine thank you! :) So be sure to come back tomorrow when I will have my first Wordless Wednesday in weeks!! (yes, I scheduled the post for tomorrow).

For about the first time ever the southern parts of Wisconsin got more snow than here up north! But we finally got a few inches! Not that I'm really excited about it or anything... while it is absolutely beautiful in the pine trees, I am not into the winter driving. I just hate it. And snow is in our forecast for at least the next 7 days. I'm going to try to get out while its good and stock up on groceries. Mostly Nemo fruit snacks and goldfish, which we are completely out of! And I've been hearing about it all day. Oh yeah, and those Lightning McQueen pull ups! Regular diapers are just not fun anymore, not while there's Lightning McQueen pull ups!


Momisodes said...

LOL! Those character pull-ups are all the rage :)

Congrats on getting photos uploaded. Can't wait to see your WW!

Cascia said...

My parents live near Madison and they had a few inches of snow on the ground when we visited. I don't miss the winter driving! Looking forward to seeing your WW. Mine is up.

Anonymous said...

Ah so it was a fluke. Stink.

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