Monday, July 21, 2008

If that Mocking bird don't sing...

but boy does mine sing and sing and sing... Toddler D (who is almost 3!) has been repeating everything for a few weeks now. And I mean everything. He went from saying very little to nonstop mocking. He's almost like that mockingbird from "Failure to Launch." OK, my boy could never really be that annoying.

Most enthusiastically he repeats whatever we tell him.

"D eat your taters," "D eat your taters."

"Throwing food is naughty," "Twoing food is nawwtyyyy"

"Get down from that chair and sit in it right," "Did doowwnnn n sit wiiiighttt."

Which sometimes can be frustrating, as it sounds like sarcasm...

I'll admit it was funny for about the first week or so. He'd repeat something from a commercial or tv show that was years beyond his comprehension and we'd all get a big kick out of it.

He is still yelling at himself, though in different ways. Now he's actually waiting until after he does something to say "D don't twow. D dit down. D don't jump in the chair." But he's also expanded it to just about anything I would and do say to him. If he's doing something good, he will tell himself "good job D." "Is D eatin his mac & cheese? Good job." "Did D twow it in the gwarbage? Good job."

At least I don't have to think about what to say to him at any point during the day. He's telling me what he wants me to say to him. And of course I oblige ;)


Nut Nut said...

OM goodness. That is too funny. I look forward to this stage yet slightly fear it at the same time....

anymommy said...

I recognize this and had a good giggle. I have two of the little darlings (almost three) and they also tell each other how it is. No, no! Thank you for helping. Etc. Little copycats.

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