Sunday, July 27, 2008

7 Facts about me

I got tagged by Karen at Busy Mamas for this 7 facts meme.

Here are the rules:

-List these rules on your blog.
-Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
-Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

1. We are moving back to the Northwoods of Wisconsin in a matter of days! So I probably won't be posting again for at least a week!

2. I have an MA in English. Which you probably never would have guessed from my writing! ;) Once I return, I plan on concentrating more on the writing aspect, so I will probably not be posting as often. Its too easy to write too casually in this forum.

3. In one semester I taught 5 or 6 English Composition classes at 3 different community colleges! And they were all at different levels or different types (developmental writing, technical writing, business communications, comp I and comp II)

4. I started this blog because I love writing. And because I wanted to meet other moms and I'm too lazy to actually get out and go somewhere.

5. I love to crochet! I really love to crochet baby stuff! I love it so much that for the past couple of years I have crocheted all the neices and nephews x-mas gifts (which is a LOT).

6. My favorite food is anything Mexican! Sadly, there are no Mexican restaurants up north :( We have to drive an hour for a halfway decent one.

7. I really can't wait to get back to my fenced in yard back in Wisconsin! At least we will still have about a month of decent weather to enjoy it! Winter starts way early up there :)

OK, phew... now for the seven lucky people I tag for this meme: Suzie at Up the Hill Backwards, Jenn at I Hate Whine!, Nut Nut at Nutty Tales, Nissa at Nissa's Niceties, MamaGeek at What Works for Us, Beth at Around the Funny Farm, and Pepper Scraps.


Nut Nut said...

MA in English! I'm jealous! I really want to go back to school and get my MA in English or Creative Writing, but most of the schools around here require students to be fluent in a second language (for creative writing), and even though I've take French for a million years (it seems), I'm not fluent.

I finally found a school I would love to go to (U of Oregon), and they don't have the requirement. Getting there is a different story altogether....although we'd all love to move up there.

Now I'm off to figure out 7 things most don't know about me....

Jenn said...

Ok , I did it !

The Mrs. said...

I came over from up the hill backwards and loved your meme. I like how you blog b/c your too lazy to get out... I know what you mean : ) and its so nice to see someone admit it!

good luck moving, i know your pain.

MamaGeek said...

Oh this was so much fun to read (I so feel ya). I'll try to get to this meme (I'm so behind it aint' funny)!

anymommy said...

I hope the move goes perfectly. Fun to learn more about you - I adore Mexican food and I wish I'd studied English and creative writing.

Suzie said...

Good luck on the move. Thats for tagging me Ill try to get to it once my head clear. I crochet too

Nissa said...

I will get around to doing this meme... :)

I bet you're pretty busy about now, eh?


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