Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mass Quantities of Sanity Needed!

It's amazing how things can go from bad to worse to completely surreal. And everything in between.

The past few months around here have been pretty damn awful and stressful to say the least. My husband's job has just not been going well. I feel really bad for him. And for myself too of course, because I have to listen to everything that's going on with his job ;). It is all pretty unreal. It all started out with issues in upper management, which were crazy in a bad way... then came the internal personnel issues that he's had to deal with among the people that work for him. He actually sought out "family counselling" for his employees because they were more like a dysfunctional family than a department. It's been completely ridiculous. And just when he thought things were as bad as they could get - they got worse. He discovered that the one person in his office that he felt was capable of actually doing their job, and who he had felt like he could trust, was actually behind a large part of the problems going on in and around his department. He's had a really impossibly awful time of it.

And sadly, we've suffered two great losses in our family, which I just really can't and won't discuss in such a forum... but amazingly the people that work for my husband took advantage of his being off for funeral leave to pull a bunch of crap. What kind of people take advantage of such a situation? Not to mention the weight of these issues on our personal lives, we've had to deal with the issues at his work...

Anyway, long story short we are in a bit of limbo at the moment. He went on a job interview on Monday. I really hope he gets the job. Either way we will be moving. If he gets the job we will be moving about 2 hours away - to another somewhat small town in Iowa (of course don't know which one because we will have probably have a hard time finding a place big enough that allows dogs and is affordable). We will find out about that job by the end of next week. Our other option is moving back to Wisconsin. He did apply for a job there too, which if he doesn't get the one here in Iowa, I really hope he gets the one back in Wisconsin. At least we have a house there. If he doesn't get either of the jobs... we will be moving back to Wisconsin and getting some kind of job to make house payments and get by until something better comes along.

It's all so uncertain at this point. And it's a horrible position to be in. But it feels better having made a decision. And we felt even better when my husband gave his notice yesterday. With all the issues he's had at work, it's been impossible to deal with the issues we've had in our personal lives.

Regardless, by the end of next week we should know whether to start looking for a place to live here in Iowa or head back to Wisconsin. And at that point we will take another step up on the feeling better ladder ;) because we will know a little bit more about what we are doing.


Jenn said...

I'm so sorry your hubby has been having a bad time with work. You are right in thinking they are childish morons to act up when he is away because of a family members old are these jerks 12? I hope he gets the one that is best for your family!

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