Monday, July 14, 2008

It's official...

Now we know what we are doing. After a couple/few weeks of anxiety... we are headed back to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Back to our home. It feels good to finally know what we are doing. And it feels so good to be going back home.

Of course there is still some uncertainty, as we are headed back home jobless. My husband has applied a few places, and he will be job hunting more as soon as we get back there. But at least we have our wonderful house!! And our wonderful fenced in yard!

Would we have stayed here in Iowa, we most likely would have lost our house in Wisconsin. Which would not have been good at all. Aside from all the other crazy issues my husband was facing at work, the word came last week that they were most likely going to a mandatory 32-hour work week come September - which would mean, aside from the paycheck decrease, no health insurance.

Just keep your internet fingers crossed for us to find a job when we get back home!

In the meantime, feel free to donate to help keep me in internets until we find a job :) Of course, considering all the scary stuff, not having the internet is not the closest to the top of that list.

Mentally, I feel so much better. In reality, we never should have left. Of course part of the reason behind the move to Iowa was for a better life for our kids. Unfortuately, that just was not happening. Our life took a step down on that ladder with our move. We were living much better up in Wisconsin with less of a paycheck. And not to mention that our 11-year-old daughter was not fitting in well at the school here, and was very unhappy with the move here.

Anyway... not looking forward to the physical aspects of the move... but we did get at least one and a half rooms packed up over the weekend! It's moving right along!


Missy said...

How nice that you get to head back home(even jobless!). We have been away from "home" for 3 years and are currently considering a big move to take us a lot closer to our old home - there is just a great comfort knowing that you are home!

Kmommy said...

Yes, we decided that even jobless, home was the best place to go! And yes, there is comfort there! :)

anymommy said...

Congratulations on your decision. Moving is hard, we've done it a lot, but it sounds like the right thing for your family.

Jenn said...

I hope everything turns out ok ,once you are back home. I can't wait until my hubby gets a job elsewhere since the one here is crap pay for way to many hours and no time with his family!

Nissa said...

You're in my prayers, hun. I know it's scary, but it will all work out & you'll be where you're all happy. Hugs!!

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