Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Mockery

The little man is teaching baby girl to mock me.

And they think its hilarious!

They are conspiring against me already.

Now D has been yelling at himself for quite some time now. Which was kind of nice because he would yell at himself for doing something before he did it. It was like a heads-up. He'd yell "don't twow" before he flung a toy across the room. "No clmin" before he'd scale the back of the couch or the tv stand. But lately, his yelling has taken on a different tone. That of mockery. He'll throw all his food off the high chair, all the while saying "twowin naughty, twowin is a naughty, don't twow." And he will look at me with ? satisfaction? sass? anticipation? It's like he wants me to yell at him so much that he's doing it for me - and he's so pleased with himself. Sometimes I swear he's being naughty just so I'll yell at him. Because he thinks its funny. Sometimes when he does something really naughty and I yell at him, he will yell the same thing back and he's totally making fun of me. Sometimes he even laughs about it.

But yesterday - I was nursing B, and D was in his toybox and getting a little too close to the power cords, so I yelled at him to get away. I probably yelled a little louder than I meant to and my voice cracked a little. He immediately started immitating me yelling at the top of his lungs "gi way" but only he was doing that sucking in kind of yelling (kind of like when Danny's talking to his imaginary friend Tony in "The Shining"). And then baby B looked at me, smiled, and joined in! D has been doing that to me off and on ever since. And once D does it, B follows. Then they both look at me and laugh. I can't wait until they're teenagers.


Suzie said...

I think your sons been giving my son pointers.

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