Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am so completely frustrated with everything at this moment.

I've done good all week keeping my pigsty of a kitchen clean! That's the one good thing this week. Oh, and I actually maybe took 2 showers so far this week - which is probably a record! ;)
But I have this long list of things I really wanted to get done today - which includes things that I have been meaning to do all week or for weeks... I did manage to get a few things done today, but at this point I'm just tooooo frustrated to do anything but blog about it.

I found a job posting yesterday that I really want to apply for. I spent almost the entire day yesterday doing the online application. I really hope that they aren't keeping track of how long each applicant is logged into their system... It took all day because it was fairly involved... spent hours copying and pasting info from my CV and looking up info online and in my pda to fill in the gaps. It also took all day because I had to stop about every 5 minutes for damage control (to pull D off of table, off of back of couch, keep him away from my computer, keep him from laying on top of baby B, keep him from throwing toys madly around the living room), to feed diaper or clothe one of the little ones, or let one or both of the whiny dogs out. I've seriously about had it with the little wiener dog!!! Yesterday I was about ready to boot her in the behind (and that's putting it mildly). Half of the times she whined at the door she didn't even have to go to the bathroom! She wants to go outside and sun herself or chase squirrels. I really miss our fenced in yard!

So I finally finished the online application just in time to fly out the door to pick M up from school and go pick up husband from his sucky new job. His starter went out a few weeks ago and we just haven't had the time or money to fix it yet... and that's so far off the point, but it adds to the little daily frustrations.

So today on my priority list was to scan my transcripts to attach to the application. Update my CV and cover letter - also to attach to the application. I managed to almost get those two things done between breakfast, loads of laundry for M and about 3 or 4 diaper changes. Then realized that I did not have my signature jpg file attached to the cover letter - going back and forth from laptop to desktop emailing stuff... ugh... couldn't find signature jpg, decided to quickly do a new one... got it scanned and emailed to self. Then all hell broke loose while trying to download it from email!! And of course that was when both of the little ones decided to have dueling meltdowns.

Computers and kids crashing at same time = complete and total insanity!

Closed and re-opened writing program several times to try to recover my new and improved cover letter to attach my signature jpg... cursed at computer and damn near killed it. Closed everything out and tried again. Restarted computer. Went outside to regain composure.

Calmly made lunch and waited for everything on computer to reload. Finally got my signature attached, wondered if it was really all that important anyway. Went back to job application online, looked at the job position posting, clicked apply for this position. To which it pretty much tells me: ha ha you thought you were done, but here are 5 brilliantly devised essay questions that you must answer before your application is complete! Ugh! I hate these questions. Why couldn't they have included these in with the regular application? Why wait until the very end of the process to spring this on your applicant? Why wait until you have already uploaded your application to the vacancy listing? Because then I just had to hit the withdraw your application from this job listing & Yes I'm sure buttons so I can spend another day or two crafting brilliant answers to those questions.

The funny thing is that this community college was the very first one that I applied to after I got my MA. I was faced with those very questions 4 years ago. And I did spend an entire uninterrupted day crafting beautiful answers to them. And back then it was online also. And somehow when I was finished and submitted the information online, I didn't save it. I tried to go back and get it and it was gone. Their online system was different and impossible to retrieve info once you submitted it. I regretted that so much after working on sets of similar essay questions for community college application after application (I did save the second set and just kind of revisited and tweaked them for following apps). Now, more than ever, I wish I would have had the foresight to save those answers! Now I'm going to have to go back and forth from desktop to laptop again sending myself saved answers that with a little tweaking will hopefully cut it.

I just don't have the energy to do that today. I spent most of the afternoon going up and down the steps trying to no avail to get D to take his nap. I give up! :) For today anyway.


Suzie said...

Wow! That is one fustrating day. I wish you a day of fast downloads and fast brilliant ideas. Good luck!

Jo said...

What a day, when it start off crazy it always seems to get worse. Hope the rest of your week is a breeze. Good luck with your job application.

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