Saturday, May 24, 2008

Travelling again

Well, I went AWOL again :) My husband had a work meeting an hour or so away from our house up north, so we all went up again under the premise of getting some things done at the old house.

I think we've finally found a groove in travelling. The key is leaving early in the am. It's a 7-9 hour drive including all the stops we have to make. It always seems to get completely crazy around dinner time, or dusk. So we decided that the earlier we left the better - and it worked! Of course there were still minor meltdowns and minor fuss fests, but nothing like the 40 minute scream fests we had on our last trip up north.

We got invited out to eat with our old neighbors. And we had a great time! It was amazing. 6 kids between us, and all of them behaved very well. I had tried all afternoon to get D to nap so he wasn't cranky for dinner, but he just wasn't going to nap. But that worked even better - he crashed out the second he hit the carseat and slept for the 25min drive to the restaurant, then was sleepy and dazed for dinner. He actually ate something, didn't spit anything out, and didn't throw anything until the very end. Baby B was great too! And I actually got to eat! And we had good conversation. It just turned out amazingly well.

Baby B had her first visit to Lake Superior! We went up Thursday to pick Dad up from his meeting and played at one of the playgrounds there while Dad had a conference call.

Baby B started pulling herself up on Mother's Day! And she just finally took her first crawl steps yesterday! She's an expert scooter though.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Traveling. Sigh. I have a hard time with this issue sometimes.

I've learned.. Keep. Them. Fed.


Suzie said...

Uh oh now she walking you better watch out. Im glad you had a nice trip.

Nissa said...

Yes, always leave early! :)

First crawl steps? Yay, baby B!

Suzie said...

By the way there's an award waiting on my blog for you

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