Saturday, May 31, 2008

US Cellular is UnReal!!

Completely!!! They apparently think it's cool to harrass customers who aren't even a week late with their bill!

I'm running behind on bills. It happens when you live paycheck to paycheck and things come up.

Our US Cellular bill was due on 5/26. I figured that it was a nonessential and I could pay it a week or two late. Last night - at 4 days late they called with a recorded message saying to call their 888 number. I called and gave them all the info, and then they wouldn't talk to me about a payment arrangement because the account is in my husband's name... so I handed the phone to him, but they had hung up.

So today - at 5 days late - they called my cell phone with the recorded message again. I figured I should just go ahead and pay it online - go cheap on the groceries and gas this week.

During the time it took me to pay online, they had called my cell phone once and the house phone once with their recorded message.

A few minutes after I was done paying online, they called both the cell phone and the house phone again (at almost the same time no less!). I immediately called back the 888 number to report that I made the payment online. When I entered the info the account balance stated by the recording was "0 dollars and 0 cents." I went ahead and waited on hold to talk to a representative to make sure they had received the payment, and once again they wouldn't talk to me (security measures, I do get it - but they couldn't even let me report a payment) so I handed the phone to my husband for him to repeat the same information I gave them. He also told them they needed to stop calling.

Not a minute had passed after my husband hung up with them, when they once again called the house phone!

Is that unreal or what? 6 calls in the span of about 15 minutes.
How Freaking Obnoxious!!
I mean really! The bill was 5 days late! That kind of harrassment is completely uncalled for and uncool. I would so switch service providers if there wasn't a contract breaking fee. I'm quite disappointed in US Cellular. And if you are considering cell providers, I would really suggest that you go with one that doesn't harrass their customers when they're less than a week overdue with their bill.


Suzie said...

I had the same thing with Sprint and I cancelled my service because of it. It is harrasment its nuts.

Jenn said...

Good lord ,that's a bit much I'd say .

Anonymous said...

Hello thr, thanx a lot for this azrticle ........ This was what I was looking for.

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