Friday, January 16, 2009

Tea anyone?

What better to do in the arctic zone than have a tea party with the kids? The kids have been horribly bored since we've been stuck inside all week because of the -20s temps.

This morning it was actually -36! For some reason the temp in the town I live in is always at least 5 degrees colder than all the towns around us. We actually have the coldest recorded temp in Wisconsin of -55 in 1996! I'm just glad we weren't here then! -36 is bad enough. I think that's the coldest its been here since we've lived here. Everything was closed today, even the towns and banks closed. Every place except for where my husband works was closed that is... :( Thank God we remembered to plug the car in last night! Even plugged in it didn't want to start this morning! Hope everyone is keeping warm!

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Suzie said...

Wait you plug in your car?

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh GIRL, I say we BOTH go on vacation, whaddya say? Pick ya up in a few hours! :)

April said...

OK, now that kind of weather is just INSANE! I would die!

Simply AnonyMom said...

Tea party sounds fun...wait let me clarify "tea" sounds nice if it is code for some vodka mixed drink.

Oh yea, you are knocked up so no vodka for you. I will sit here and drink my vodka and you drink your imaginary tea, ok???

hahaha just joking.

my son and daughter have numerous tea parties a day. He instigates more than she does!

I will not complain about our cold when your cold is negative what ours it. (meaning I am freezing at 30 and you are -30)

OK I am rambling now...have a good day and try and keep warm!!

Just another SAHM said...

Okay, I promise to stop crabbing about our 1 degree weather...

Kaci said...

Holy cold!! And I thought -5 was bad. I will never complain again...wait yes I probably will. LOL!

Anonymous said...

-36??? Oh my hells, why oh why? I can't even imagine! I'd look like that cow on those commercials trying to head for California in a blizzard.

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