Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Whine Machine and other digressions...

My little man D has become the biggest whine machine. Please tell me this is just a phase. I know that you are supposed to ignore behaviors such as this, but is it just me or do you find whining almost impossible to ignore? It totally grates on ones nerves! It starts the minute he gets up, and doesn't end until he goes to bed. His last whine every night before bed is "don't you cry?" "don't you cry D?" (he is still telling us what he wants us to say to him). He will whine/repeat it until you say it to him.

Big time digression follows, but there is a point: Everyone has had colds here this week (and as I've been reading around it seems the entire blogosphere is also suffering the same colds). The snot completely runneth over here. I'll spare you the gory details for now. But incidentally (yes, I'm digressing even further) rubbing vicks on your/child's feet and putting socks on before bed works miracles.

The point of that horrible digression? D sneezed into his yogurt cup the other day at breakfast. For the next half an hour he whined/repeated "Did you blow your nose in your yogurt?" Lots of digression for little payoff. I know. We've been working on blowing noses. He has *finally* started blowing out instead of in! Yay! He was so upset about "blowing" his nose in his yogurt. Poor guy. I didn't know whether to laugh or whine along with him.

Really, my post is all over the place today because my brain is full of whine-mush.

I need to make post-it notes for the kiddie movies. I think about that every time he asks to watch a movie. He doesn't call any of them by their name. It's "wanna watch Boog" (Open Season), "wanna watch Roddys" (Flushed Away), "wanna watch Lightning McQueen/Tow Mater" (Cars) "buzz wyker" is the first Toy Story, while "yee-haw" is the second Toy Story (I'm guessing because of the girl and the horse)... on Thursday he whined all morning to watch "monster truck." I had no idea which movie this was? I couldn't think of any movie we have that has a monster truck in it. I tried putting in Monsters, Inc... that just brought about more intense whining. I asked if it was Shrek (Shrek and truck are pretty close in his speech)... but nope. When M got home from school that day I asked her if she could think of any movie that had a monster truck in it. After much thinking and questioning, she discovered that it was "Herbie."

Anyway, I just hope this whining thing is a very short lived phase. Otherwise, you will find me locked in the bathroom.


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Those colds will hang on a bit...they did here anyway...

As for the whining...mine went through that ate 3 or so and he's pretty done with it. He's almost 5. We actually learned that the show Caillou was the culprit. When we stopped letting him watch it, he whined less.

Kmommy said...

@Kim: thank you!! He has totally been watching Caillou every day for the past couple of weeks! I'll cut back on the Caillou and see if it helps.
We never had Caillou on the PBS channel in Wisconsin, but when we moved to Iowa it was on there every day. After the move back to Wisconsin he was going through some Caillou withdrawals... my mom got him a Caillou DVD for his birthday a few weeks ago... that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am amazed at the Caillou thing. I totally want to know if that works. I think I might know someone who could use that info soon.

As for the whining, it is a phase BUT I've seen it become a big time habit. My much younger cousins were really bad for that and I broke them from the habit (with me at least). I cannot take whining for long. It's probably not "the thing to do" as it's also a dog training technique, but I just walked away from them and ignored them entirely until they stopped. Within a day or 2, it was all over.

Kmommy said...

I've heard that ignoring works. It's just so gosh darn hard!

Jenn said...

OK, I think that might work maybe on a few kids but there are soooo many kids that whine and they did it before Caillou was ever on tv. Then there are kids that have never seen it just because but they are whiny little brats too !
I'm not trying to be mean and yes I do know some kids kind of copy weird things they see on tv, I'm just saying don't get your hopes up that getting rid of him will end your suffering .
I do feel for you having been through it three times already and knowing I'll be going through it again soon maybe.
I did find though the girls did it way more then my son ever did.
My friend has 11 kids 4 are girls and she said that her girls were always worse then the boys too.
I guess I'll shut up now since really I have no point haha

Nut Nut said...

I realized one day that if I could never hear one sound again, it would be Mateo's whining. And I even hate thinking that because what if something happens and he can't make any noise and then I wish for something from him, even whining.

Anyway. Not sure what I meant by that; it certainly wasn't a, you should be happy your kid can whine because some can't sort of thing.

I ignore and also say, "I don't understand you," or "I don't understand you when you're whining." I think it's easier for me to ignore it because I'm not around him all day. And I know it's easy for his daycare ladies (as I call them) to ignore him and all the other little whiney boys, so I think he's used to it and gives up pretty quickly.

We did get tortured with Mateo sitting in the back seat making air raspberries most of the way home from somewhere. Ignoring that didn't help at all.

I never realized that darn Caillou whines a lot, but now that I think about it...

Anonymous said...

I found that whining has only changed, but never gone away for good. I hate whining. And now E-Man is entering whining I would call it with his "eh eh eh" for EVERYTHING. Drives me batty. We've even been signing and he WAS signing back, but lately he just went back to "eh eh eh". *banging head on wall*

I hope everyone feels better soon.

MamaGeek said...

Don't worry the whining will subside when they reach 18.

*le sigh*

Uh-huh, that's right. :O

Feel better.

Suzie said...

I think my baby has that

Momisodes said...

OMG! We have the same. stinkin'. problem. here.

Some days I call my daughter a Whine-o.

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