Friday, April 25, 2008

Yippee for the Big Boy!

D actually slept all night in his toddler bed!! Even through a thunderstorm! :) I'm so happy! I just hope the novelty doesn't wear off this time.

He got this really cool fire engine toddler bed from his cousin. After I found out I was pregnant with Baby B I intended to get him sleeping in his own bed before she was born. I figured 4 in one bed was too much ;) But of course it just didn't work out and I didn't have the energy to stick to it at the time. He took one nap in the bed and then it became a fancy changing table.

It was the running out thing... I saw a family on one of the nanny shows where this was happening, and the nanny said to keep putting them back in bed. Don't say anything to them, don't even look at them, just put them back in bed and eventually they will stop coming back out. That soooo did not work! I was having to put him back in bed 20 or more times. And I'm not exaggerating. Finally, I put a gate at his door. Then he would stand and giggle or scream at the gate. When I continued ignoring him, he threw everything he could from the room over the gate. I tried everything I could think of to get him to sleep in his bed...

We would have moved his bed into our bedroom, but our bedroom was too small. So we ended up having 4 in bed after all. I had also been determined to have B sleep in the bassinet. Which did not work out. She would stir all night - so all night I was getting up and checking on her. She slept so much better in bed.

In this new place, our bedroom is bigger, so there was actually room to put D's toddler bed in our bedroom. My husband put it together last night and it worked like a charm. No legs in his back last night ;) Everyone slept all night! Yay!! I just hope I'm not jinxing it here.


Nissa said...

Yay!! I hope it continues! :) Did you make a big deal out of it & praise him for being such a big boy in his big boy bed? I would!


Kmommy said...

:) yes we made a big deal out of it. He loves being called a big boy :) I also hope it continues!

Kaylynn's Mommy said...

Congratulations! How exciting! :)

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