Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Burger Queen Learns to Count!!

:) You may have noticed that my son's hair is a tad on the long side. He's only 2 1/2 and has had at least three complete hair cuts so far! We had given him bangs only cuts a few times before his first actual hair cut. He did great for his first hair cut. Hair cut numbers two and three were quite challenging. He screamed his head off for both of them. So I want to take him someplace this time - but not someplace that has a lot of customers (especially not in a mall!)... I think he might do better for someone else. And if not, at least there will be plenty of extra hands to hold his head still ;) But yes, he needs a haircut really soon! People are starting to think he's a girl again. Never mind he's always dressed in very boyish clothes... One lady said that girls do wear camoflauge these days... But the worst was when we stopped at a Burger King a few weeks ago and yes, the burger flipper gave him a crown and said "What a lovely Burger Queen." !!! Of course baby B loves his hair (as you may be able to tell by one of my wordless wednesday pics from today). She is constantly grabbing it by the handful :) She really loves his hair.
But the exciting news is that D has been counting! It's so damned cute! OK, so he doesn't quite start with 1 yet and he goes from 10 to 12, but he clearly gets 7, 8, 9, and 10. Those are his favorites. Yesterday he would say them over and over. I would start at 1 and he would come in at 7. And he would say them in order every time! :) I'm so proud of the little booger (or should I say Burger Queen!).


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