Sunday, April 6, 2008

K's Miscellany

It's been a crazy week. Some highlights??

I see you trying to pretend I'm still sleeping in here! I guess the days of naps in the bassinet are over.

Yay! The King sized bed arrived on Thursday! We finally got to move to sleeping upstairs instead of in the living room! Our Queen sized bed wouldn't fit up the stairs. So we got a King (split box springs) with a hinged mattress. Yes, decided to upgrade the size with the two co-sleepers. We've all been sleeping so much better! Although D still managed to kick Dad last night.

Is that a banana on your shoe? Eeewww! This is what happens when you have a messy eater and the dogs don't like bananas.


Nissa said...

That banana shoe picture is certainly Ewwww! :)
Glad you're sleeping decently now!

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