Tuesday, April 8, 2008

At least he's eating...or the fun things that come from socializing with dogs

The other day my husband and I were discussing the benefits of having dogs for the children. We'd had this talk many times before. There are many benefits. The best one for me came when D started feeding himself. Several times a day I thank God we have dogs. Otherwise I would be sweeping and mopping at least 3 times a day... The dogs are always right there beneath the high chair waiting to be the clean-up crew. They will even lick his face and fingers... or the seat of his pants - wherever the food has landed when he's done. And wonderfully, our little wiener dog has a taste for spit up. Gross I know, but very handy. (OK, I do try to wipe it up before she can get to it).
Over the weekend my husband said that it was good we had dogs because of the social aspect. D may be well socialized because of the dogs. We spent most of his life living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin - a very remote and isolated area - so he got very little social interaction. And amazingly he is well socialized - the times he's played with other children his age he's done very well. So I absolutely agree with my husband on that point - the dogs have helped him in that area.
But the hazards of having dogs to socialize with?? ;) The very day after we had that discussion we were at a family cook out and D started crawling around like a dog underneath the tables... And the past week or so he has been sharing food with the dogs. He will throw down chips or whatever and then get on his hands and knees and eat them off the floor along with the dogs!
Then Sunday morning we decided to see how he would do eating at the table with the rest of us instead of in his high chair... and this is how he ate:

At least he was eating!! It's so rare that he actually eats anything. So if he must eat this way I'm all for it.
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