Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Toot

Small toot today ;) I actually accomplished quite a few small things today. I finally ran my dishwasher!!! :) I'm so behind on household stuff. I've been so preoccupied with trying to find a place to rent for when we move (2 weeks!!). Finding places in small towns really sucks!!

The funny thing is that the place I tooted about finding a couple of weeks ago went out of the running and then came back in and that is where we're going. We sent my sister-in-law to go look at it - she gave a horrible report, but did not take any pictures like she was supposed to. If she would have it would have saved us soooo much trouble. The landlord had not yet had a chance to clean, paint and re-carpet. So we ended up taking the 8+ hour trip (even longer with the aftermath of the Iowa blizzard coming home) to look at a few things for ourselves. The one we were really going to look at was not good. We were desperate enough to think about purchasing a home on contract until we had enough time to get financing... anyway, that house was in a town that was pretty run down. Not to mention the cracked foundation, the very cheaply done remodels, the fact that the house appeared to be seperating... ugh... the worst was the bubba neighbor who leaned out the top of his broken door with a beer and then let his dogs out... I would so not want my children to live next door to a guy like that...
The second house we looked at I wouldn't even let my dogs live in. That town was even more run down. There was boarded up houses less than a block away. It was beyond horrible. And that's what we imagined when we got the report from my sister-in-law about the house she went to look at. Out of desperation we called that lady back and asked her if we could go look at that house. Of course it was short notice, so she couldn't meet us and said that we could go peek in and see the downstairs. It was not bad. We could tell that really it just needed cleaned up. The previous tennent had left a few things, and it really just needed to be cleaned up and repainted. The floors weren't even that bad. It was certainly in liveable condition. Unlike the other two we looked at. And the town is so worth it. The town has a really neat business district. There are no run down neighborhoods in the town! I'm really happy that we went down ourselves and looked at the place. We ended up getting stuck in the area because of the blizzard and were able to meet with the lady and look at the place. So everything turned out great.
We found out today that the place was surely ours and so my other accomplishments were getting the utilities called and getting the school called! :) Small things, but good things :)


MommyCommunity said...

I'm glad everything worked out for yah! Wishing you much luck in your move.

Anonymous said...

i love the name of your blog. Hilariously true!

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