Friday, February 22, 2008

Princess, Princess, Princess

Let me just start by saying how much I really hate all the princess stuff out there. And how much my 10-year-old daughter loves it, and wants everything princess she sees in the store... Of course I flat out refuse to buy her any of that garbage. I'm sure she feels slighted. But I really think it's awful. I am all for my daughter having confidence in herself and I hope to try to foster that in her - but all the princess stuff goes well beyond the realm of self-confidence. I do not want to raise a spoiled brat princess. Of course she thinks we won't let her get any of that crap because we don't think she deserves it or something - and every time we go to the store I have to explain to her that we don't think she's bad, we just hate the idea behind the princess stuff...

Imagine my dismay when I find she's changed her myspace name to ~*~*~Princess~*~*~ and her headline was even worse it said something really close to "I'm a princess and na na na you're not" or maybe it was "don't you wish you were" - anyway it was awful!

I know, I know - you're all thinking what is a 10-year-old doing with a myspace page? In January, when we were visiting relatives in Iowa, her two older sisters and several of her cousins were gathered around the comupter checking their myspace pages... they are all just a little older than my daughter. I figured it was a good way for her to stay in touch with them. I just explained to her that I was doing something special for her that was a privelige. I set her account to private and I check up on her everyday. I'm very viligant about that. I've told her that I need to approve any friend requests, and that she is not to communicate with anyone she does not know. If she does, I will cancel her account immediately.

Anyway- back to the princess... so how did I handle it? I showed my husband, and he said send her a message, tell her I said she can't use that as her name... what a guy :) I don't have to be the bad guy this time ;)... so I sent her a myspace message: to "Ms Princess... dad does not want you to be using the name princess. we don't think it's cute. find something original. and I really didn't like your headline - it makes you seem way too full of yourself. You should try to be modest. I don't want you sending the wrong message to people. Remember, this is a privilege." (I had to take on some of it - didn't want to blame dad for everything) She had her name and headline changed within 5 minutes. It was really close to bedtime, and when she was going to bed I could tell she was mad and put off with us. I had a nice talk with her and re-explained the whole princess thing... explained humility and being humble... because really, I know that she is a good person and not full of herself in that way. As a matter of fact, when I emailed her teacher about us moving to Iowa, she emailed back about how much she would miss M, and how wonderful a student and person she was, said she had a big heart. And I know that is her. She does have a big heart. I just hope she gets over the Princess fad soon! I think that when we get to our new small town Iowa home I will get involved with the community and drag her with me to do some kind of charity work or just some kind of volunteer work in the community.


Kaylynn's Mommy said...

Cute Story...please don't look at my wouldn't like it one bit. hehehehe

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