Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Apparently my daughter M has been eating food off of other people's trays at lunch. The day before yesterday she started coughing and saying she had a sore throat. Yesterday baby B, who just had her 4 mos shots on Monday, woke up all congested!!! And toddler D has been sneezing. Last night I had a severe headache and beginning signs of congestion. This morning my husband woke up sick! And he has a job interview on Friday! Complete and total sucky timing!

We had rescheduled B's 4 mos appointment twice - once because we were picking up my step-daughter on that day for X-mas (that was the only day her mother could drive to meet us halfway), and the second time because she was sick - both of the little ones have just gotten over the last cold that M brought home from school. My husband and I are just both livid!

Why in the world is M eating off of other kids' trays at school??? As if we don't feed her! She probably tells kids at school that we don't feed her or something. She has eating issues. She is always hungry. She dreams about food. She asks for special things for breakfast before she goes to bed at night. Since she's gotten email in her room she has started emailing me to see what is for dinner.

When she first started spending time with us she would just eat and eat and eat. She could absolutely eat my husband under the table. She would eat anything and everything. She would have seconds, thirds, and sometimes fourths. She was quite skinny. There must have been food issues where she had been living. Essentially, she was living with a step-father and her younger brother and sister. I know that she was never given money for lunch and would have to eat peanut butter and jelly for lunch everyday.

Fairly soon after she moved in with us we had to start cutting her off after seconds because apparently she was vomiting quite a bit - we found vomit in her trash can in her room... She really hates being cut off after seconds, and will still always ask for more - especially if it's something she likes. She won't leave the table if there's still food on it. She is completely driven by food. When she has money, she spends it on food. She's been with us for over 4 years now, over half her life - she's never gone hungry, there's always been plenty of food - I would think she'd be over it by now. I just really hope that it doesn't follow her for the rest of her life. And I hope to God she stops eating leftovers off other kids' trays at school!!!


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