Friday, January 25, 2008

Bad start to the day

:( I feel so bad. for about the 5th-7th time this school year my daughter has almost gotten on the school bus without my saying goodbye to her. I just barely got up in time to tell her to have a good day before her bus came. The bus comes at about 5 after 7. So early. I always try to get up by 6:30am, as that's usually when she comes down to get ready.

School started for the year about 2 weeks after I had baby B. I was really bad about getting up that first week. But I don't think there's ever been a day when I haven't at least said goodbye quick before M got on the bus.

She would probably rather I didn't get up ;) she's pretty independent. She'd rather do it all herself. She probably hates it when I get up right away and make her change clothes ;) she will try to wear the same jeans all week. try to wear t-shirts on below zero days... and she will wear the worst clothes she owns to school (and then wear her good/decent clothes on the weekends when we aren't going anywhere!) Yesterday I almost made her change clothes. She was wearing this t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt that looked like a dress. I told her that, and she said it was supposed to be that way, it was a shirt she got from the D.A.R.E. program at school and they ordered them big for some reason (I think she was making that part up but?)... how can I not let her wear it to school? So I didn't make her go change...

Since that first week of school I've been pretty good about getting up. There's only been a few times, like when the little ones were sick and up all night - or the few times that D has been particularly restless in his sleep or gotten up at 2am and not gone back to sleep until 5... Those times I've flown out of bed at 7am, realizing what time it was, and rushed out to say goodbye to her.

Anyway, I can hardly wait to see what she's wearing when she gets home from school.


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