Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I love about small town life

We left for our polling place at 4:10pm. We were home by 4:20!! My husband and I were the only ones there and got our voting done within a few minutes. We were #90 and #91!

I might complain about small town life every now and then, but at times like this, man do I love it!

I hope everyone got out and voted today or will tonight! And I hope y'all didn't have to wait too long!


Nut Nut said...

How wonderful! That must have been great!

Missy said...

wow! That is usually how it is here too, but I actually waited 25 minutes. Where did all of these people come from??

Anonymous said...

Wow that put mine to shame at 2 hours an 5 minutes. :) Gotta love a small town.

Awake said...

Yeah, I always wonder about those lines - it seems crazy. I voted in about 4 minutes.

Michelle M. said...

It was the same for us! Not line and no one else was even in there. :) I said the same thing to my husband about living in a small town in the country.

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