Friday, November 21, 2008

Everything's a NoGo Today


I tried and tried at least 20 times to upload a series of really cute pictures for Photo Story Friday. And I kept getting a page load error - it seems every time I try to upload pictures my internet connection is resetting itself in the middle of the process... I kept trying again and trying again. I usually have enough patience to wait it out and eventually I can get the pictures to go through. But this time, after an hour of re-trying I just gave up. The same thing seems to happen every time I try to update my family/friends blog. Its so irritating.

So then I thought it was a great time to post an award that Missy at Bees and Boo-Boos gave me... I meant to do it on Thursday, but then I had a bunch of other things going on around the house... so I tried to get the picture of the award to load, thinking that maybe it was erroring out because I was trying to upload too many pics at the same time and if I only did one something magical would happen and it would work ;)

Not so much. But this time I was getting a blogger error. Double Grrrrr. Maybe tomorrow will be a better photo upload day?

Until then, here I am, photoless and awardless today :(

PS: those strange little boxes you see at the bottom here are my efforts to copy and paste the image of the award. And of course now I can't find where I tried to copy and paste them, so they are just stuck there doing nothing ;) Triple Grrrrr.

And since I'm just rambling on here... when I changed my template and had to re-do my blogroll I inadvertently left some people out! If you are one of those people please let me know! Or if you want to be on my blogroll and aren't let me know. I think I've found most of the ones I was missing... I don't know how that happened. Well, actually I do - I think I just filled it from my "blogs I'm following" list - which left out anyone not on blogger and anyone who is on blogger but doesn't have their list of followers on the sidebar for me to click ;) My feeds are just a mess and completely unorganized and all over the place. I have some in Explorer (which I just don't even use anymore), some in foxfire (which I just didn't like the way the feeds work there) and then some in my google reader (which I haven't even opened in months!)... and somehow I managed to find that I didn't have some that I read all the time in any of my readers... I must have just put them in my blogroll only at some point. Confusing I know. I've just been doing my visiting by clicking on my blogroll or clicking on the person in the comments section. The feed readers are great and all, but I always end up clicking over to the blog itself, so it was an extra step and I'm all about not wasting any time ;)

What do you use for your feeds? And how do you keep them organized?


Suzie said...

Im on there thanks. Maybe your computors possesed and has it in for you.

Anonymous said...

I used to do it by blogroll but my friend SWORE to me that using google reader saves her time. So I took about 30 minutes - 1 hour and sat down and updated my google reader. And you know it really does save time. I only read as they update. I click over to comment but otherwise I'm not visiting those who don't post and I can follow some of the bigger blogs that I never commented on anyway without leaving the reader. I'd give google reader a go, but consolidate everything into one reader because having more than one would (for me) totally defeat the convenience factor.

And I'm sorry the computer is acting up. That's so frustrating!

Nut Nut said...

I use google and the blogs I follow thing from Blogger. My only complaint about google is that when I'm on my work laptop, the screen is tiny, so it squishes things together, and when I want to "refresh," I always end up "mark[ing] all read." And then I'm sad. But then I just go to blogger and look there.

I also like the google reader for my iPod when I'm in the underground train station, since I can get reception down there for about 5-10 minutes. I do a lot of catching up that way. (The posts don't go away after I lose reception - it's awesome and something I don't quite understand).

Blogger photo uploading gets on my nerves too at times. Grrr to them.

Kaci said...

I think I'm on there. :) XOXO I just use my blog and click, click, click. I'm old school I guess. LOL!

Nissa said...

I feel your pain. :)

I'm never organized with my feeds. I use 2 different readers and some by email, and half the time don't use any of them...

I like the new layout, btw!

Cascia said...

Sounds like you were having a frustrating blogging day. I've been there. Sometimes these computers just don't work right. I access my favorite blogs through several different ways. When I subscribe to feeds I usually do that via Google Feed Reader. I also visit my favorite blogs from their Blogger profiles after they leave comments from me. If you follow my blog you will get regular visits and comments from me. It's easier to visit people from links directly off of my blog. Good luck with your downloads and congratulations on the award! I love the pink layout!

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