Thursday, June 5, 2008

My first blog award :)

I was so happy to see that one of my favorite bloggers, Suzie from Up the Hill Backwards gave me a blog award!! My first ever :) And I'm so glad it came from someone like Suzie. Ever since I found her blog (after she commented on mine), it's one of the few that I make a point of reading.

There are so many good ones out there it's hard to keep up with all that reading. Of course some days I spend all my free time catching up on those many many blogs instead of posting here! :)

But Suzie is really an inspiration! :) We have a bit in common, which is why she has been on my must read list since I discovered her :) In her blog entry, which includes my blog award [smug], she talks about why she started her blog - it's a great post and I really identified with her and think a lot of us mommybloggers out there could. Its strange how alone you can feel even when you have kids ;) (or even moreso when you have wee ones)... And it is so wonderful to find a community here online of mothers who have similar issues, or mothers who just have great thing to say or hilarious stories to share... I also feel less alone out in the blogosphere.

Thank you Suzie :)


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