Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ants Vs Flooding?

Last night I was putting together my next blog post in my head: one about my home being invaded by ants. It was going to be light and humorous. Then I watched the news. Just about every county surrounding us is suffering major flooding! Downtown areas are being evacuated, and closed. Highways all around here are closed. Many people have been flooded out of their houses. Some people in areas of major flooding have no power or water. Cedar Falls was 15ft over flood stage (12ft). It broke the previous flooding record set in 1921! Many of these counties aren't even due to crest until Thursday or Sunday! It's unreal. My husband had to take 3 different detours and go through a foot of water to get to work today, and they ended up closing his office as all the roads surrounding were due to be closed.
Luckily our town hasn't suffered quite as bad. This picture is the flooding down the street from our house last week. Fortunately it receded pretty quickly here. For most other cities/counties around us the waters are still on the rise.


Kerith Collins said...

holy cow...that is amazing...but in a bad way...we live by spencer we didn't really get hit with anything...but a farm right out of spencer got hit really bad...but just that one farm and only the area around their house...like the tornado touched down--swirled around a bit--then just flew away...leaving only their house...horrible

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