Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weekly Ramblings...

I missed my Wordless Wednesday :( I guess it happens to the best of us ;) I've just had a really busy week. And tons of "nebo smoot snacks" shoved in some really weird places. Apparently Lightning McQueen loves driving over fruit snacks as now he has gummy wheels. Note to self: If I find some piece of goo with hair stuck all over it, it probably used to be a fruit snack.

This week the child gates have become completely useless. D will scale three of them to get into the kitchen. We have one at the bedroom door so he can't run out at naptime. We had a play-yard gate thing that we sometimes open up and string across the two living rooms to keep the children in one area (and away from the tv and stereo since they figured out how to turn the volume up and the tv off). And then we have a safety gate between the living room and the kitchen. Once he figured out he could get over one of them... he can do all three in about two seconds flat. I have a feeling that baby sister won't be too far behind him. She can get about halfway up with her little monkey toes.

We are getting pretty close to having to remove every piece of furniture from the living room, as baby B is really getting into the climbing thing. She does great at getting up, its just the getting down thing that is a little problematic. Her latest fascination is with the couch. Come back tomorrow for Photo Story Friday and I'll tell you all about it.

And I think I'm going to have to give up on naptime for D for a little while. At least until we can get some paneling up in the bedroom... my wall is suffering. Just when I think he's given up on peeling the wall, I go in to find another big chunk of painted wallpaper missing.

On the lighter side, D is speaking more and more clearly and intently with each passing day. It's so funny how they just start stringing intelligent sentences together. Of course it always seems so all of a sudden, but really they've been working on it in their brains (or out loud) for quite some time. It just fascinates me how much he is really understanding. I mean he totally gets the concept of what goes in must come out. Don't worry and hide your eyes, I won't go there today ;)


Michelle M. said...

Baby gates are pointless for us, too because my son can open them and my daughter tries to climb up them. We can usually keep them in one room with us, but if I try to separate them from me, it doesn't work. You're lucky that your little guy still naps, Punky stopped months ago! It is so sad.
Looking forward to tomorrow's photos.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I've always read that language is like fire kindling. Once it starts, it just rapidly catches on!


Missy said...

My Pooky is a climber. It is useless to try and stop it. He climbed on the couch, tables, window sills, kitchen chairs. For a while it was really frustrating, but now I think I just got used to it. The few things I don't want him to mess with got put away, and we deal with the rest.
I realize I am no help. But I do understand... :)

Nut Nut said...

For whatever reason, our baby gates really work with Mateo.

And as an extra bonus, the slats are slim enough to keep out our robust and most times mean cat! She has a hard time getting her hips through and is too lazy to jump over.

Mateo too is adding more words to his vocab and it's really weird how fast it does happen!

Anonymous said...

Heck, I forgot WW last week...until you reminded me! You'll have to think up something involving baby gates for next WW. :)

Suzie said...

I hera you. I think weve got to get rid of all our furniture too.

Anonymous said...

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