Monday, April 20, 2009

Goodbye Winter!!!!

It was an unbelievable 74 degrees out on Friday! It was nice (upper 50s through upper 60s) the entire week after Easter weekend! I just went and dug out some of my short sleeve maternity shirts on Friday. Then guess what? Saturday was still decent, in the 60s I think. But Sunday? Below 30 and snowing!!!! It was still in the lower thirties and flurrying today. Grrrrr. We've spent half the year in winter. I'm so ready for the weather to change for good. The poor kids begged to go outside all Sunday and all day today :(
Old man winter just had to have one last laugh. I hope he's done now until at least October.


Lapa37 said...

I am so not looking forward to summer.I hate the heat and humidity. I like it just the way it is now upper 60's cool breeze.

Cascia said...

I don't miss that crazy Wisconsin weather. It is so unpredictable. My dad said that it snowed again yesterday. Here it has been in the nineties and sunny. I hope it warms up soon!

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