Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We loves us some baby sister :)

Last night, D got involved in a discussion between my husband and myself about my pajama pants getting too tight... so it was a good opportunity to talk to him about my tummy getting bigger and him having a new baby brother or sister.

He seemed to understand. "We gonna have a new baby. We can spill [throw] this one away." he said, pointing to his baby sister.

"No she's staying. You are just going to have another new baby brother or sister."

"Oh, a new D?" he asked.

"No, you are staying too. We are just going to have another new baby."

"Oh ok"

A couple of months ago, he also told us to take away his baby sister :) I think he had finally realized that she wasn't leaving and that she was a little more permanent than he had originally thought.

While he's not great (or even good for that matter) at sharing toys with his baby sister, and he will still kind of push her around and do mean things to her once in a while, he always makes sure that she doesn't get left out. If he gets a cookie, he demands that baby sister get a cookie too. He always tells me when he thinks she needs a ba-ba or a diaper change :) He's become quite the expert at what she needs or wants.


ceemee said...

Aww... that is sweet of D. Soon, he'll really understand.

Kaci said...

AWhhhhh so sweet...I don't like to share either. HA! kidding!

Suzie said...

Thats pretty funny. Getting rid of the old baby. Pretty scary too when you are little. I guess it all works out in the end.I hope my kids are killing each other

April said...

That's funny. My daughter said after the first night that we were home with her new brother "Ok, take him back now." After she got use to him, she asked if we could go buy another one at Wal-Mart. And she meant a real baby, not a doll.

Nut Nut said...

One of our two cats has that sort of attitude about Mateo -- like, okay, when he is going to leave already!? She was none-to-pleased when Mateo showed up that first day and has remained nonplussed about his staying ever since.

Missy said...

That is cute! :)

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