Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thinking About Going Out to Dinner with a Colicky Baby?

It's not really the best idea. When my son D was 5 months old, we went to a retirement party for one of my husband's professors at a local Olive Garden.

It was the first time we went out to eat after D was born. We brought the gas medicine, and I think we even gave him some just before going into the restaurant. We brought him some rice cereal and toys to keep him entertained. He did great until just before the food arrived. He started getting a little fussy, then a little fussier. I took him into the restroom and he began a full blown screaming fit. I was horribly embarrassed. If you've had a baby with colic, you know that there is just not much you can do to get the baby to calm down. And it's so awful when it happens in public because everyone looks at you like you're a horrible mother. I tried everything, I even stood there in one of the stalls and tried to nurse him. Nothing worked, he just kept screaming louder and louder. I had to walk all the way through the restaurant, with him screaming the whole way (and everyone craning their necks to see what was going on), to tell my husband I was going out to the car.

It was an awful experience. We didn't go out to eat again for months. Not until D was about 10 mos old and over the colic. We usually don't go out to eat very often, but when we do we just make sure to take plenty to keep the two little ones occupied (crayons and paper seem to work well with D [who is almost 3 yrs old now], and crackers or snacks for baby B). And if it starts to get a little crazy, we just get our food to go!

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Jenn said...

I won't take my kids until they are old enough to sit there and behave themselves. I took the oldest once when she was one and she didn't and I took the baby once when he was a month and he slept the whole time. I was scared though something hot might get spilled on him from someone walking by or they would bump him and knock him off the perchy thing they give you for carseats. The whole thing stressed me out so much that I won't do it again and he was sleeping the whole time not even fussing or anything.

Nut Nut said...

I feel for you. That was always my biggest fear the few times we've eaten out with Mateo.

We are the take-out royal couple at this point.

anymommy said...

It's so hard. I've felt those eyes burning into my back. These days, we stick with really LOUD restaurants if we go, so no one can hear our kids. Red Robin is my favorite - never thought I'd say that!

Suzie said...

IM so with you on that I hate taking the kids out to eat. Its so stressful

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

It happens. We traveled like crazy people when our kids were babies; still do!

At the time, I'm sure that you think that everyone is looking and staring.. maybe a few are. Most of us are going.. "Oh poor baby." But no big deal folks!!

Vered said...

Ha. Before the kids were born, we used to think that life will go on as before. We would still do everything we used to do, accompanied by a perfectly calm baby in a baby carrier or in a stroller.

Once baby is born: wake up call, BIG TIME.

Life sure changes when baby arrives.

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